Possibly the most versatile and secure estate planning option

This trust is designed for single people and couples that have worked hard throughout their lives, own their own home and wish to ensure that 100% the equity of the house is protected and passes to the family or people they intend :

• the ownership of your property is transferred to the trust/trustees and the trustees can include yourself

• it will also keep ownership of the property private and secret

• ensuring that your home will pass to those individuals you wish to benefits at a time selected by you – for example, when you die

• enabling your home to be held for individuals who cannot hold it for them selves – for example, children, disabled persons also it will protect the property from being squandered by spendthrifts etc

• avoid the equity of your home being lost to fund unforeseen claims by hostile creditors or third parties

• to speed up the administration of your estate and avoid the need for a Grant of Representation

How it works

• The trust is set up in ones’ life time

• you are  the person creating the trust (the settlor)

• you are also a beneficiary so that, once the trust is created, you may continue to live in your home for the rest of your life

• you still retain the benefits and flexibility of home ownership

• if in the future you wish to move to a smaller property you retain all rights of residence in the new property.


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