The Lasting Power of Attorney is the most powerful tool available to an individual whilst alive but unable to deal with ones own affairs.

The LPA allows the individual to choose who they wish and trust to deal with their affairs and not a court appointee should they become mentally or physically unable to make decisions themselves.

The Lasting Power of Attorney is made up of Two Parts:

Property & Affairs. This as the name suggests is used for decisions in respect of Finances, Selling Property, Managing Bank Accounts or dealing with Business Affairs.

Personal Welfare the second part to an LPA deals with decisions that may be required for health issues, Care, Where to live and types of Medical Treatment Issues etc.

People who wish to plan ahead and set out in advance what they would like to happen should they become mentally or physically unable to make decisions for themselves in the future. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is an important legal document that enables a person who has capacity and is over 18 years the (Donor) to choose another person or people the (Attoney) that they trust to make decisions on their behalf and not a court appointed representative who will charge for the service.

A Lasting Power of Attoney must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) before it can be used. Safe guards are also in place to ensure against mis-use.

The Donor can register the LPA whilst they have capacity or the Attoney can register the LPA when the time comes.


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